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The 9 Most Beautiful Fortresses in Serbia

The 9 Most Beautiful Fortresses in Serbia

If you love to see incredibly structured fortresses and castles, Serbia is a great place for that. The country is blessed with wonderful landmarks and ancient structures. Thanks to turbulent history there are many beautiful fortresses that you can visit.

Let’s began this travel guide and take a look at the most beautiful fortresses in Serbia to decide which one you want to visit first.




Golubac Fortress

Golubac Fortress

A top contender in the list of fortresses, this beautiful medieval structure is situated next to the Danube River, surrounded by surreal mountains. Built in the 14th century, Golubac Fortress is one of the best-preserved fortifications in the country and you’ll be amazed by its beauty. In 2005, the fortress underwent restoration and became one of the most popular and beloved tourist destinations in Serbia. Visitors are required to buy a ticket that includes a parking fee and entrance to the fortress. It’s an ideal place for history geeks and adventurous people. There is a small coffee shop before where you can enjoy your coffee with a view of the Danube and Fortress and don’t forget to buy a souvenir from the gift shop before leaving. We highly recommend a day-trip from Belgrade to Golubac because Golubac is less than two hours away from the capital of Serbia.




Kalemagdan Fortress

Located near the Sava River in Belgrade, the capital of the country, the Kalemagdan Fortress has to be the limelight of Serbian tourism. The fortress has three parts, the upper and lower town also known as Old Citadel, and Kalemagdan Park, which is the extension of the fortress. The fortress is one of Belgrade’s top attractions and is heavily visited by tourists. You can also visit the Military Museum at Kalemagdan which has over 3,000 ancients and modern items. You can snap some amazing photos while being there. Other worth visiting places include the Pobednik monument, Ruzica Church, Chapel of St. Petka, Daredevil tower, Turkish Baths, Belgrade fortress galley, and Belgrade Zoo. You can get there through bus 31, tram 2, and through trolley 19, 21, 22, 28, 29, and 41.



Niš Fortress, Serbia

Niš Fortress

This exclusive Fortress was built in the 18th century by Turks and today it is regarded as one of the most famous landmarks in Serbia. The fortress has an irregular polygon shape which gives it a pretty unique touch. Situated on the Nišava River, it is well-known for hosting the Niš Film Festival. You can see the ruins of the prison, military structures, Turkish baths, and Bali-beg mosque. An average bus ride from Belgrade will take three hours to get there. The Fortress is visited by thousands of tourists every year and is open all year round. While in Serbia, don’t forget to check out this amazing beauty.



Smederevo fortress

Smederevo Fortress

This beautiful piece of the gem was built between 1428-1430 and was known as the capital of Serbia during the Middle Ages. The fortress of Smederevo is considered one of the biggest medieval fortifications in Europe as it is preserved to a great extent. The most interesting architectural parts of the fortress are; The Cross tower, The Danube Canvas, and The Donjon Tower. The city wall still enfolds the original city area and the remains of the castle itself are so well-preserved that you can easily visualize how it used to look like back then. To reach Smederevo from Belgrade you can take a bus from the Lasta bus station or train to Smederevo station. After you depart, the charisma of this fortress will linger in your dreams.







Petrovaradin Fortress

Petrovaradin Fortress

This majestic structure is the most recognized historical and cultural heritage to visit in Novi Sad, Serbia. Also known as ‘Gibraltar of the Danube’ it is a signature city attraction for tourists. Built on the bank of the Danube, the fortress has been there since, 17th century. There are tons of things to see such as the Catholic parish Church of St. George, the famous Clock tower, and underground tunnels. If you happen to visit Serbia in July, then you can enjoy the famous ‘EXIT Festival’ as well, which is one of the largest music festivals in South-Eastern Europe. It is about an hour away from Belgrade and along with the city of Novi Sad is a popular destination for a day-trip from Belgrade.



Ram Fortress

Ram Fortress is renowned for being one of the oldest fortresses in Serbia and its region. The fortress came into being in 15-century and is located on the right bank of the Danube, in the village of Ram. You can enjoy a wonderful picturesque view from the fortress due to its raised position on the rock above the major widening of the river. Besides, it also allows the spectacular view of the most stunning Danuban dusk which you can’t help but fall in love with. To reach Ram fortress from Belgrade you can take a bus via from Beograd bus station to Majilovac and from there you can take a taxi to Ram fortress. If you love forts from the Middle Ages, you can’t miss this fort because it has that particular vibe to it, which words can’t explain.



Pirot Fortress

Pirot Fortress

This fortress is one of the most beautiful military fortifications in Serbia. During the reign of Lazar, Pirot has great strategic significance and was used for military purposes in the early 20th century. The fortress is really well-preserved after the restoration was conducted between 1970-1986 to prevent it from future decay. You can have an amazing time at Pirot fortress learning about the history spanning over two millennia. The fortress host various kinds of events which you can attend including exhibitions, works shops, and multimedia presentations. You can easily take a bus from Belgrade via Autokomanda, Beograd, or Niš to reach the Pirot fortress.



Maglič Fortress

Maglič Fortress

Maglič Fortress is located in the mountains next to the Ibat River near the city of Kraljevo. it is built in the 13th century by the Nemanjić dynasty. It is amazing how this great tourist attraction is still no commercialized and full of tourists. if you are going to visit Maglič, you should consider visiting two of the most beautiful monasteries in Serbia Žiča and Studenica.





Manasija, also known as Resava is a 13th-century orthodox monastery inside of the walls of the fortress. Manasija is a place you should definitely visit on a day-trip including some of the interesting locations nearby: Lisine waterfall and Resava Cave.







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