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Belgrade Airport Taxi Voucher

Belgrade Airport Taxi Voucher

Understanding the Taxi Voucher System At The Belgrade Airport: What exactly are taxi vouchers? In simple terms, they’re a fixed-price ticket system for taxi services from the airport. You can obtain these vouchers at clearly marked counters in the arrival hall. The beauty of this system is its simplicity and transparency – you know exactly what you’re going to pay before you even step into the taxi.

Benefits of Using Taxi Vouchers At “Nikola Tesla Airport”: The most significant advantage of using taxi vouchers is the fixed pricing. This system eliminates the risk of being overcharged, a common concern for travelers in unfamiliar cities. Plus, it’s incredibly convenient. No need to haggle over prices or worry about having local currency on hand immediately after your flight.

How to Use the Vouchers: Once you land, head to the taxi voucher counter in the arrivals hall. Here, you’ll choose your destination zone and pay the fixed price for the taxi, which you can find at the cabstand in front of the airport. Then, simply present your voucher to the next available taxi driver in the queue. It’s a straightforward process that ensures you get a licensed, reliable taxi without any hassle. But, the problem is that at the cabstand, you must take the first taxi available, which may be unsuitable or have a non-English speaking driver. Many drivers refuse to drive at these prices and insist on turning on the taxi meter.

Taxi Voucher Belgrade Airport – PRICE: from 3000 RSD to 8000 RSD depending on the area of Belgrade you are going.


IMPORTANT: Instead of relying on the Belgrade airport voucher system we recommend you book your airport transfer with one of  the following companies

Unfortunately, we have to admit that the taxi service in Belgrade is not at a satisfactory level and various inconveniences are possible. Instead of relying on the Belgrade airport taxi voucher system, we recommend booking your airport transfer with one of the following companies:







By making a reservation with one of these limo services from Belgrade, you’ll ensure yourself a much better experience than getting the cab at the airport. The price is fixed, and it is similar or negligible higher than with a taxi voucher. But the service includes meet and greet in the airport arrival hall and complete service at a much higher level than a usual taxi ride from the Belgrade Airport.


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